Frequently Asked Questions


Rage rooms are a fun activity you can do on your own or with friends… but probably not enemies. We provide you breakables and a safe space to break the items. Anger is a natural feeling and often suppressed, but here you can release the anger you may have building up without having to clean up your mess. This is meant for entertainment purposes. We are here to have fun and so should you.

Is this an unsafe place where enraged people are on the property?

Bah ha ha ha….No. This is a fun activity meant for entertainment. Anyone who thinks otherwise doesn’t get us.

How many people in a room at a time?

There is one person allowed in a room at a time. This is due to safety and insurance coverage. A lot can happen in these rooms with shards of glass and plates flying through the air which could cause cuts. Also, weapons are used in these rooms and accidental or purposeful assaults can happen.

Is this Licensed Therapy?
Rage Rooms are a wonderful way to relieve stress, take out big feelings and have a great time. None of the staff are licensed therapists nor do they pretend to be one. We do have on site a board to find assistance with Mental Health or Therapy locations in the Frederick Community.
Do you sell or provide alcohol?
We do not sell or provide alcohol, but any of our staff can send you to many wonderful downtown Frederick locations that can help you before or after attending the Rage Room
Can I bring my own music?
We will have music in each of the rooms and we will have set up playlists and genres for a fun time. If you are looking for specific music for events or parties please reach out through our email before booking so we can arrange a custom experience.
Is there an age requirement?
All participants MUST BE AT LEAST 14 years old and up! Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. The parent or guardian must remain on site of the session (this is not a drop off party kind of situation).
Do you accept donations?
We would happily take donations! We ask that you contact us to pick up or drop off donations. Please do not abandon donations on our property without notification. If you are looking to have fun at our establishment, save some of your breakables for our BYOB- Bring Your Own Breakables nights. For everyone’s safety our staff will inspect all brought in breakables. No liquids, flammable, ammunition, food items or hazardous materials are allowed. We want to keep a safe and clean environment
Are there any clothing requirements?
We will provide you with gloves, face shields and Clothing covers. No open-toed shoes (including crocs), heels, or sandals are allowed. Boots are highly recommended.
Can I bring my own weapons?
For your safety and the safety of our staff and rooms we will provide the weapons for use on the breakables. We have lockers for customer use to store any items they bring onto the property. Knives, Guns, self defense rings are not permitted in the room and bringing them in will violate the waiver signed. Let’s just be cool!
Can I set things in the room on fire?
Look… I get that Angela Bassett walking away from the burning car in Waiting to Exhale was an iconic moment. That being said fire is not permitted in the room and use of fire will cause criminal charges to be filed.
Can I bring in my old Porcelain Dolls?
We prefer you keep Annabelle out and do not destroy those monsters here, we don’t want those demons left behind.
Can I use the weapons on other people in the Rage Room?
No, That is assault and we are an establishment very much against assault. Break Plates not People!
What else can I do if I am done or end early?

We have a room called “Screaming into the Abyss” where you may enter and scream out the feeling and stress that could have come up in the rage room or after. The room is a cathartic way to finish your experience. This room does have video surveillance, but the footage is not available for purchase or viewed unless violation of waiver or individual safety comes into play. 

Can I show up early for my session?
Showing up on time is a great way to start your session. If you show up early hoping to get into your room early this will not be possible as our staff need to clean the room up for you and prepare your breakables. If you need something to do prior please view the Downtown Frederick Page for local shops and establishments.
What happens if I am late?
We allow a 5-minute grace period, but anything more than that may result in forfeiting your preferred room or your reservation in total. We do ask that if you know you are going to be late please contact us at 240-741-2847. If you are more than 15 minutes late your time slot may be given away and a cancellation fee will be charged.
What if I need to cancel or reschedule?

There is a lot of preparation to create these amazing experiences.

Fast Smash and Smash-We can reschedule same day for a later date with no cost. If you cancel within 48 hours you will be charged a $20 cancellation fee per person. If you fail to appear for your designated time you will receive no refund.

Group/ Networking Events- Group Cancellation fees for canceled groups within 72 hours is 20% due to time and purchases of breakable made in preparation for the event.

What should I expect when I arrive?
When you come you will sign a few liability waivers and a verbal walk through (We do have visual walkthroughs for the deaf community). We are not responsible for any injuries, so stomp on breakables at your own risk. This is a controlled environment solely intended for entertainment purposes only!
What do I need to bring?
Your ID so we can confirm your waivers. Proper attire and that is all.
What kind of breakables can I bring on BYOB nights?
For everyone’s safety, our staff will inspect all brought in breakables. No liquids, flammable, ammunition, food items or hazardous materials are allowed. We want to keep a safe and clean environment. Items should all fit into a large tote and we will dispose of the mess. No Ex or current spouse are allowed to be an item to break in the room, but you can bring in pictures of them to put over Bob’s Face.
What if I don’t bring enough breakable on BYOB nights and want more?
You can purchase our breakables for $10 at the register with a staff member.
Can I bring my own camera/ phone to take photos or videos?
ABSOLUTELY. You make take photos or video in the room however any lost or damaged property are not our responsibility. Our rooms also have security cameras that provide videos and photos from your session for sale.
Do you break everything?
We have a partnership with Vintage MC Frederick and they review our inventory on a regular basis to make sure we aren’t destroying historical items. We love Frederick and want to always ensure we are keeping it’s history preserved.
What happens to the broken items?
We recycle whatever we can and ensure we follow Frederick’s recycling protocols. If we can repurpose something for multiple breaking activities we will.
Can I do a group event and we bring our own breakable for a discount?
This is something you have to book with the owner so please email us for those inquiries at crystal@ccragefactory.com.
Why do you charge Admissions Tax and do I have to pay it if I am a tax exempt organization?
I’m just going to give you the answer from the horses’s mouth AKA Maryland Governments site. It’s their requirement.

The local admissions and amusement tax is a tax on the gross receipts from admissions, the use or rental of recreational or sports equipment and the sale of merchandise, refreshments or service at a night club or similar place where entertainment is provided. The tax is imposed by Maryland’s counties and municipalities as well as an additional tax by the state of Maryland, specifically for electronic bingo and electronic tip jars.

Also unlike the sales and use tax, exemption certificates are not valid for the admissions and amusement tax. Since the tax is imposed on the host of the activity rather than on the consumer, the exemption does not apply.

For more information on What this is and the processes of this tax please see https://www.marylandtaxes.gov/business/admission-amusement/index.php

What is your Snow/ Bad Weather Policy
For inclement weather, we will contact you for rescheduling but if you are concerned about anything with upcoming weather please contact us sooner rather than later because we don’t want you taking out your snow rage in the rooms.